There are many options to choose from when trying to pick up accommodation nearby auction sites to attend. Don’t forget that when you do pick up a car at auction and it is in a good enough condition to drive because  you will likely need to get insurance for that car if you want to take it to and from a location for repairs or resale. Remember also that the cost of insurance for multiple vehicles may be higher than your usual quote – but that a lot of insurance providers will happily cover you on multiple vehicles for work purposes. This is less likely however for younger drivers.

When you got to an auction house it is best to stay nearby so that you can get in early enough for the bargains available to the early auction hunters. But also it is a good opportunity to examine the catalogue up front and work out what sort of insurance costs you’ll have. To that end you can use a site to compare the best prices for hotels in united kingdom, whether they are cheap hotels in London or elsewhere.

Hotels in and around London and the United Kingdom can vary significantly in price depending on what site you check them on, which is why a comparison site is the best way to get a cheap price on hotels that would otherwise be quite expensive. Especially if there are deals on certain sites that you wouldn’t otherwise be aware of. So be sure to shop around and make the most of the deals out there for these hotels. Just make sure you find something cheap and cheerful and nearby to the auction house, because you will want to get an early start for definite to check out the catalogue available and your hotel location or b&b location will be quite important for ease of access. There are many guide books for car purchases so when you go to auction make sure you bring one along, and examine the catalogue online first before you show up to get an idea for the best cars that you might be after, this will help you save time looking around aimlessly and missing all the best possible cars to bid on.

Remember to bring your ID of course, so that you can prove who you are and organise the sale if it isn’t a cash purchase, as well as bringing your A-Game to make sure you are ready to bid. Come bright and early (remembering the importance of a good hotel and stay nearby! Can’t stress this enough). But most importantly when you do get the car that you want, be absolutely sure that you get it insured, or you will not only run the risk of flouting the law, but your new investment might get harmed on the way back to wherever it is going. If you get a good deal, celebrate! Good luck in your auction and hotel hunting! Hopefully you’ll find precisely the car that you are after to fit your purposes.

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Insuring your car might need different information. You must be looking for some of the most localized information for the support. All the necessary information, when collected before you can be really helpful for you. Here are the details that you will like to know about car insurance.

Type Of Car Insurance

There are two types of Insurance in the car segment. The first of them is the comprehensive one and the second one is the third party insurance. Accidents and damage to you come under the third party insurance, and the comprehensive insurance covers the damage, the car faced.

Risks Covered

Risks that are covered for your car can be in several ways. The first of them is regarding the disaster. This includes the natural disaster, like earthquakes, flood or storms. There is another type of risk that is covered by the insurance, and that is the form of man-made disaster. This includes the fire, burglary, and other theft-related damages.

Extend Your Insurance

Insurance of the car is for value, and that extends to 7.5 lakhs for your car. You might hold a costly car, but the net insurance value is not more than the 7.5 lakh mark, by any means. However, the accidental injury or death has not such limit, initially for the reason that it is a third party insurance and secondly due to the coverage you need for yourself.

Save Your Premium

The premium you are paying is dependent on few of the things. The first of them is your car model number since the fuel capacity, and other supports are dependent on the model number itself. On the other hand, the information regarding your age, the profession is all important to determine the accidental claim of yours.


You can save your premium value from the next time payment, by simply following some of the basics. If you don’t claim a bonus in the previous year, then you are definitely going to save your premium amount in the next year. Another way to save premium is to update your insurance before it gets lapsed.

Rider Facility

You can add some riders to it as well, like that of the zero-depreciation rider or it can be simply for the hospitalization after an accident while you are travelling through the car. There are some of the factors that are related to the claims. If the driver is under the influence of alcohol or is driving without a valid license, the claims will not work there. Other things that are included in the zero-depreciation are the mechanical breakdowns and electrical problems.

Reduction Process

There is always deductible in the car insurance, and that is going to reduce the liability of the insurer. You are going to get a 500-unit reduction for every 4 wheeler. This deductible is directly related to the claims made by the insurer. More the insurer claims, more the deduction is made. So, higher deduction reveals the chance of making fraud.

You can change the name of insurer any time, with all the features of No claim. In that case, you can easily sell your car to someone with insurance.

All this information will be helpful for you if you are looking for better information. So, get ready for the new insurance coverage for your car.

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Car owners all over the world go for the insurance policies offered by various companies right after they buy a new vehicle. The reason is not far to seek. The value of the vehicle is great, and there are chances of the car running into accidents on the very first day. However, people sometimes think that the accidents are the only damages covered by the car insurances. There are a number of policies of car insurances in the market, and many of these offer additional advantages. Accordingly, the packages are priced and set to sale in the market.

So, if you are interested in buying a car insurance policy, here are some of the benefits that you had not thought of.

No Claim Bonus:

There are certain companies providing insurance schemes that offer good credentials to the people who do not claim the insurances at the end of the scheme. So, in case your car does not meet with an accident in the given period of time you are going to get a bonus. This is mostly done by increasing the value of money that you will be able to claim from the company.

benefits of car insurance


You will be glad to know that there are certain policies that cover the damage made by fires. Although fires are less common than accidents, still, they do occur. And when the fire damages the car, you will be able to claim the value if you have the insurance done.


Apart from the loss of car due to fire or accidents, thefts are also included in the insurance policies. So, if your car is stolen, you can go to the company and claim the amount of insurance money. SO, a single policy has multiple benefits, and you will get a total protection policy when you go for the right scheme.

Benefits To Survivors After Death Due To Accidents:

Although unfortunate, accidents sometimes cause deaths of the people travelling in the car. Certain policies cover the money that is to be given to the survivors of the person after he has died due to a car accident. There are a number of policies and the value of the amount vary from one company to another.

Legal Charges:

When you travel on the road, there are some legal charges that come as a part and parcel of the travel. There may be litigation charges against the drivers for rash driving, or for fines. You may also need to pay for damages done due to an accident. Apart from these, there are other costs like the fees of the lawyers. When you opt for the right policy, you will get all these costs covered up. So, it comes as a nice package to you and delivers all the necessary costs.

When you choose the policy, go for a window shopping and see what the companies are offering. Compare the values and estimate the benefits that you are going to get. This will help you to make the right decision related to insurance.

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Insuring your car is the first thing you need to do before you wheel out to the streets. These are as important to cars as you avail other insurances for your health. There may be accidents and damages in the car, and you may end up paying a lot of money as a part and parcel of the repair. These are important and valuable assets to you, and you will definitely want to keep your cars intact. In case there is any damage, the insurance will help you to cut the costs. While you deal with these policies, you may need to clear up questions that are in your mind.

Here are some guidelines that will help you to make the right decision when you buy the policy.

Assess And Understand The Policy:

There are two main types of car insurance policies. These are a third-party liability and comprehensive insurance policies. Before you proceed to the final decision, you just need to understand the benefits of each of these.  One important thing you should remember; you should cover the entire value of the car when you buy the insurance. The streets are full of uncertainties and even attentive drivers cause accidents.

Protection of car. Business concept.


While buying the policy, you have to understand the benefits of different schemes offered to you. These needs to be customised according to your choice. There are different amounts of returns when you claim the policy, and you have to check the minimum level of cover, as declared mandatory by the laws.

Lookout For Discounts:

There are a number of insurance companies that bring good amounts of discounts to you. When you avail these price offs you save a lot of money. There is often a rat race between different companies to give better schemes, and you will definitely make the gain from here. However, make sure that while getting the discounts, you are not compromising with the facilities that you ought to get.

Add On:

In the present day insurance market, you will find different schemes that are tailored to your vehicle. These are done keeping the model number, brand and other features of the vehicle in mind. The age of the vehicle also plays an important role in these customised benefits. Try to get good and economic scheme from these features to make sure that you gain much more than the ordinary schemes.

Do Not Undervalue The Car:

It is the IDV that decides the value of the car. So, while you make the right choice of the plans, do not let the companies undervalue the car. You need to keep a track of the trending market conditions and values and based on these; you need to secede the value of your car. After all, you need to be wise when you make the decision.

After all, if you face any query regarding the policies of the insurances, you can dial the Ingenie contact number and get the necessary help.

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